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VDL Online Breeders Market

The Family Van de Lageweg, owner of the well known VDL Stud from the Frisian village Bears in The Netherlands, has developed the VDL Online Breeders Market. The website is also part of the VDL Stud website and promotes foals bred by VDL Stud client breeders. The foals are selected on correctness in confirmation and health.

“We always have been very active helping our client breeders selling their foals, but as times are changing rapidly we have to adept ourselves to these rapid chances and come with new alternatives. VDL Stud moves forward using the digital possibilities and does this together with their client breeders and customers” says Wiepke van de Lageweg.

“We select on correct confirmation, health and quality. Breeders and buyers can count on our expertise that clients all over the world know for 40 years already. Client breeders can enjoy the network that we have built in over 4 decennia”.

All relevant information can be found at the VDL Online Breeders Market website. Different than the online auctions the bidding is done by sending a bid to the Online Breeders Market. We will communicate with the breeder/seller about the bid and it is up to them to decide to take the bid and sell, but they can also tell us to send a counter offer to the person/buyer that did the bid. An offer is binding for 24 hours, this makes the Online Market very dynamic for buyer and seller. The website offers foals in a wide spread of price range.

For more info about how to register as buyer, how to enter your foal, buyers terms & conditions and all details on the foals please check the page 'Conditions'.